Trending today and wheelchair friendly tomorrow

I am referring to  some forward planning into a home design to take into consideration that life’s circumstances might change.

A design that makes the house easier to access, navigate with a wheelchair or walking frame. A design that is able to be manageable for a person with a disability or provide peace of mind for a senior person to live comfortably in their own home.

It is so much more efficient to think about adaptability upfront in the design of a new home.

Not just about enhancing the quality of life for the aging baby boomers! Give some consideration to pushing a pram around or someone who has a sporting injury or disability.

Would you be surprised to know that one in five which is around 4 million Australians have special needs due to a disability1.

It is about future flexibility and functionality to a house design. This is real plus when coming to resell your home too!

So it makes economic sense for wider doors and hallway to allow the house to transition and functional as needs change. No threshold to an entry door will be wheelchair friendly later.

A snapshot to our demographics and the Baby Boomers currently comprise 25% of the population so it makes economic and social sense to review our house designs.

It is so important to give consideration to a host of concepts that will allow a home to serve the needs of you, the home owner today, but adjust to the changes as they occur.Hobless shower trending today

Some simple considerations such as

Multiple light switches to reduce the number of trips can make quite a difference to livability.  The need for more lighting is important as we age.  Think hallways, stairwells and under cabinetry.  Plenty of natural light as a person probably might be spending more time inside the house.

Raised garden beds are a bonus as well as a design trend to allow the occupants still to manage their garden hobbies.

And of course careful selection to the bathroom layout is essential.  So seek out advice – There is a host of standards as government moves to make homes more sustainable and livable.


2 thoughts on “Trending today and wheelchair friendly tomorrow

  1. very relevant and excellent advice for not only new homes but also for modifications to existing homes.
    please keep me informed, we need more honest appraisals and advice.


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