Disastrous Outcome for an Owner by a Builder

We do have in place a Building Commission that has powers to deal with disputes about poor workmanship by Builders but in the process, this can be very stressful,  very expensive and not always deliver the just outcome.

A few months back, undertaking a course with the Building Commission, the statistics were that last year alone, the office handled 702 complaints with only two field officers to process these complaints. And the tough news is if the complaints are not submitted in the proper format, your complaint is dismissed.   The Building Commission also has the role to investigate  the conduct of registered  Builders and Industry providers and sitting over the Building Commission is SAT,   a tribunal if the investigated matter warrants further review or an owner is aggrieved by the decision from the Building Commission.  Yes this means time, loads of stress and money!

Unfortunately for several owners, here in Perth, they were caught in a debacle of a Builder going into liquidation and as it has come to light, very substandard work.  I am not really about “name and shame” but this Builder comes with a serious warning.  Do not entertain signing a contract with  Saad Soliman!

Unfortunately, the outcome for these owners  was that Mr Soliman is allowed to trade again with a slap on the wrist of a $5000 fine. fineMany of  his clients desperately tried to expose their financial dilemma through Today Tonight , however, in the end they have incurred serious financial losses. This is not good for the industry nor a party wanting to build a house.

Further investigation revealed that the house did not meet the energy rating requirements specified and in fact was non compliant.  And the only way to achieve this was substantial upgrades to glazing and insulation.  The financial implication  has been enormous.


One deplorable expensive mess!



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