From little things…grows a house

Everyone is familiar with that catchy tune From Little Things, Big Things Grow

 But it is true!

From the humble mushroom, furniture and wall panels can grow. future-of-construction

Showcased, centre stage at an international Greenbuild Expo this month in the USA, an innovative company revealed furniture constructed from biofabricated material with the mushroom the key component to the patented resin.  The company Ecovative Design even goes further with sustainability, combining agricultural waste, hemp, and recycled wood to create panels for construction.  What is so special is that it is formaldehyde free, VOC free, and fire resistant. And it can be moulded into so many different shapes and forms – perfect for furniture making.

So from the humble mushroom cultivated in a factory the future in construction  will be making walls, insulation, and furniture in a very sustainable way.


One thought on “From little things…grows a house

  1. AS always looking for excellent ways to show us how we need to look for other ways/areas to be sustainable and work with our environment. Great reading and reference.


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