How about making home designs meaningful for Baby Boomers?

Why is it that designers and builders are not meeting the demands of the 55+ market?

Over half of the population will be over 50 years or more within five years. The focus is the construction industry is to kick start the first home buyers.  But …the 55+ market is responsible for close to 50 percent of consumer spending.  Alas, the perception is the traditional model of senior housing and retirement villages and this drives the designs.

Reality check needed here!  ACTIVE is the word          .Baby Boomers Active (2)

Stop and think about the cultural, social and personal values that this demographic group place on how they live. Everywhere you read about the 50 plus fighting fit and have more time to be committed to their health and travelling. Yes they have a strong desire to seek new housing opportunities that will enable them to age in place.  Offer of “maintenance free” living is mighty appealing.

Ditch the traditional layout with stairs and small bedrooms for little kids; it is about time for hobbies and interests. It is all about smart technology, being connected. This translates to our living spaces with private indoor and outdoor spaces.   I am being asked for contemporary designs, a sense of vitality to living spaces brimming with natural light.

People are choosing still to work and working from home. The designated home office room and desk is something of the past. “Working from home” has evolved from desktop computers to laptops that can be moved around the home.

Today’s 55+ homebuyers are sophisticated and active. They are seeking homes designed and engineered for a lifestyle that reflects this.  I am being asked for a more open-plan approach, a seamless flow of elements like lighting and flooring.  Uncluttered spaces utilising a statement pieces like a stunning focal light feature or a fireplace bring personality into the design.

The other word to describe the Baby Boomers is something different.  Remember the Baby Boomers were trail blazers and now they have money to spend. Let me know if I can help with the design of your new home.  After all I understand. I am a Baby Boomer myself.


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