What’s trending in house designs for 2017?

I have already been asked “what do I see the trends in house designs for 2017 “so let’s take a look on some of the emerging trends.

The kitchen takes priority as the heart of the home and proving to be more flexible with functionality and also for extending into the entertainment zone. Open floor plans with integrated kitchen and family room are the preference with homebuyers according to recent surveys.

Black  is the new fashion statement right down to the fridge, oven, cooktops and joinery.black-kitchen

Black stainless steel sits right up there with contemporary finishes for kitchens . It is so versatile and timeless. Manufacturers  have covered the   smudge proof and finger-print proof  factor resulting in  less maintenance and cleaning.

The home office is on its way out. It all about being mobile. Laptops and desktop computers move around the home with the owner. “Working from home” takes on a new backdrop as it can be the patio, the breakfast bar nook


or a quite space in the family room.

The designated  home office room is replaced by open plan flexible areas.  Architects and designers are drawing in  cosy nooks and more practical places for family to gather.  Probably symptomatic of generational changes as the younger generation don’t really mind where they work. You can find them even in the local coffee shop working with the IPad.

One good advantage it frees up some square meterage to provide more open  family space!

Can’t forget the oversized showers and the statement luxuriously large free standing bath. Wall to wall glass showers provide that resort feel.  It is all about indulgence and your personal retreat to relax.

And just to round it off with a very sustainable product on the market,  Eco by Cosentino® have released some stunning stone finishes for kitchen and bathroom benchtops.
The stone is manufactured  with 75% recycled  materials and  pretty well all the water utilised in the process is recycled.eco  Certainly this product is setting new benchmarks in design, uniqueness and sustainability. All good cabinetmakers can supply this so take a look at their website.


From little things…grows a house

Everyone is familiar with that catchy tune From Little Things, Big Things Grow

 But it is true!

From the humble mushroom, furniture and wall panels can grow. future-of-construction

Showcased, centre stage at an international Greenbuild Expo this month in the USA, an innovative company revealed furniture constructed from biofabricated material with the mushroom the key component to the patented resin.  The company Ecovative Design even goes further with sustainability, combining agricultural waste, hemp, and recycled wood to create panels for construction.  What is so special is that it is formaldehyde free, VOC free, and fire resistant. And it can be moulded into so many different shapes and forms – perfect for furniture making.

So from the humble mushroom cultivated in a factory the future in construction  will be making walls, insulation, and furniture in a very sustainable way.